Podiatry Coding Changes

Several changes to podiatry related ICD-10 codes took effect on October 1st. The most notable of these are the addition of new codes for bunion and bunionette (Tailor’s Bunion). Under the new guidelines, you can distin- guish these conditions from hallux valgus or the less specific “Other deformities of the foot” codes. The new codes are:

M21.611 – Bunion of right foot

M21.612 – Bunion of left foot

M21.621 – Bunionette of right foot

M21.622 – Bunionette of left foot

Furthermore, congenital metatarsus primus varus has been expanded for greater specificity. The original code Q66.2 has been eliminated in favor of the following:

Q66.21 – Congenital metatarsus primus varus Q66.22 – Congenital metatarsus adductus

Brandon McCurdy