PQRS 2015 Increases Reporting Requirements

CMS has expanded the PQRS program for the 2015 reporting year. Whereas last year Medicare required provid- ers to submit data for 3 measures to avoid a reimbursement penalty, they have increased the requirement for this year to 9 measures covering 3 different categories. If providers do not successfully report in 2015, CMS will cut their 2017 reimbursement by 2%.

Providers can still submit PQRS data via their claims using reporting codes and modifiers. However, with the additional requirements for this year, successfully reporting via claims will be difficult. Providers can also report via certified EHR vendors, as well as PQRS specific registries. Medicare has not yet uploaded its list of 2015 ap- proved registries, but most companies from the 2014 list should still be approved (see previous post in the PQRS category).

If you wish to submit PQRS information via claims, please review the measures list below in order to find new measures that apply to your practice. For help on reporting these measures, contact Ben. To review general infor- mation about the PQRS program, please see the link below:

CMS PQRS 2015 Information PQRS 2015 Measures List PQRS 2015 Measures Details

Brandon McCurdy