Podiatry Coding Issues

Did you know that if you report bilateral ankle/foot strapping as 29540 RT and 29540 LT to Medicare they
will deny both codes, whereas reporting 29540 50 will result in a payment 1.5 x the fee schedule? Minor coding errors such as this can lead to costly denials or payment delays. At HCA, we make sure your codes conform to payer requirements. However, in some cases we need your help to select the most appropriate code. To help us determine if your coding is correct, please Include information on location, size, etc. when reporting procedures. This allows us to quickly process your claims and keep your reimbursement consistent.

The most common issues with podiatry coding we see involve biopsies, routine foot care, physical therapy, coding by size, toe modifiers, and ultrasonic guidance. When reporting these services, it is essential to follow coding guidelines to avoid unnecessary denials or record audits. At HCA, we maintain multiple logs with up-to- date coding information from major payers, as well as instructional handouts with quick tips for better coding. Contact Ben for a podiatry coding guide to make sure you are picking the most accurate codes.

Brandon McCurdy