ICD-10 and Immunizations

While most of the attention on ICD-10 has been directed towards the expansion of specificity built into the codes, there are some clarifications and simplifications presented by the upcoming switch. For example, under ICD-10, common immunizations will now be covered under 1 singular code, Z23 (Encounter for immuniza- tion). This code replaces a whopping 39 ICD-9 codes, including, among others:

V03.2 BCG
V03.5 Diphtheria V03.7 Tetanus
V03.81 Influenza B V03.82 Pneumococcus V04.2 Measles
V04.82 RSV
V05.3 Hepatitis
V06.1 DtaP
V06.4 MMR

Brandon McCurdy