Hardship Application for EHR Exception Due July 1st

Medicare has released their application to file for a hardship waiver to avoid the EHR penalty. Allowed excep-

tions include financial distress (bankruptcy or debt restructuring), infrastructure issues, or certain uncontrolla- ble circumstances. The application must be emailed or postmarked by July 1st, 2014. Medicare requires providers to be using an EHR product by October 1st, 2014, and successfully attest meaningful use for the last 3 months
of the year. Failure to report meaningful use will result in a payment penalty in 2015 equal to 1% of your total Medicare allowable. The penalty is cumulative and will increase by an additional percent each year meaningful use is not obtained.

To complete the waiver, use the attachment below and follow the instructions on page 2. For verification of submission, we recommend completing the form as a PDF and emailing it along with supporting documentation to the address listed on page 2. Successfully filing for the exception will waive the penalty for 2015 only. You will have to file a new form each year that you do not meet meaningful use.

EHR Hardship Application

Brandon McCurdy