CountyCare Taking Over FHN and CCAI Patients

With Family Health Network and Community Care Alliance of IL announcing they have pulled out of IL Med- icaid Managed Care, CountyCare has agreed to take over the effected patients’ plans. IL Medicaid changed their requirements for managed care plans with a new rule that requires managed care insurance companies to oper- ate in all counties throughout the state. FHN and CCAI chose to pull out of the program as they were unwilling to expand their business state-wide.

As a result, effective 11/1/2017, all FHN/CCAI Medicaid members are now covered through CountyCare. Please note if you previously had a contract with FHN/CCAI, or you currently have a contract with CountyCare, you are eligible to see these patients. CountyCare has taken ownership of the FHN/CCAI contracts, so there should be no drop in healthcare access for the effected patients.

Brandon McCurdy