Clinix Updates for Java and Eligibility Verification

Clinix PM recently announced the release of their real time eligibility tool. The option is designed to allow you to verify insurance eligibility through the PM system while reviewing patient accounts or during patient check in. The program can automatically add co-pay, deductible, and co-insurance amounts to the patient insurance record for your review. Cost for the program is $0.12 per transaction. Please see the attached handout for further details.

Clinix Real Time Eligibility Details

Clinix also released a bulletin regarding Java 7 Update 51. If you are running this or a newer version of Java, or wish to download it, you must make several changes to your system security for the Clinix program to run cor- rectly. As always, please remember to remove any old versions of Java before installing a new one. Please see the attached document for details.

Clinix Java Update

Brandon McCurdy