Clinix MD ICD-10 Transition

Clinix MD is currently working on several programming changes to integrate ICD-10 mapping features into the EHR system. First, Clinix will roll out the new ICD-10 codes along with a keyword functionality (similar to the current ICD-9 search method) so that providers can begin manually choosing correct codes for test charges as well as updating patterns.

Clinix is also working on a mapping feature via SNOMED that will allow the system to automatically update codes in your patterns, lists, and templates. The program will convert codes that have a 1 to 1 relationship be- tween ICD-9 and ICD-10 on its own. Codes that now have more than one option will bring up a prompt so that you can select the most appropriate ICD-10 code for your pattern.

Clinix has not released an ETA for the changes yet, so providers should continue to educate themselves on ICD- 10 structure and codes relevant to their practices.

Brandon McCurdy