Clinix-Electronic Medical Records

Did you know that the deadline for eligible professionals to begin using an EMR product and avoid the 2015 Medicare payment adjustments is October 1 of this year?

  • Did you know that if you start using an EMR product in 2014 you can not only avoid the payment adjustment, but may also be eligible for $24,000 in Medicare incentive payments?

  • Are you still looking for an EMR product but not sure which way to go? 

We have partnered with Clinix to provide our clients a cost efficient EMR program that can be tailored to their specific practices needs. Clinix includes a comprehensive package of medical software designed to keep providers compliant with EMR requirements.

Even if you are already using a different EMR program, we have the ability to link it to our billing software using an HL-7 interface.  This allows your charges to be submitted to our office in an electronic format for quicker claim submission, and gives your office access to software for electronic scheduling and patient account review.

David Swiercz