Blue Cross Blue Shield Medicare & Medicaid Replacement Plans

The BCBS Illinois replacement plan for patients with Medicare-Medicaid coverage (Community MMAI plan), and the Medicaid replacement plan (Community ICP) are both up and running. If you have not joined these new networks, make sure to verify your BCBS patients are not enrolled. Insurance cards for these patients should be marked as “Community” plans rather than regular PPO, Blue Choice, etc.

Both plans are designed to replace their respective parent plans. Accordingly, reimbursement for the MMAI plan will equal 80% of the Medicare allowed amount, which is the same amount you would receive from patients with both Medicare and Medicaid. This plan is in a three year test phase and is not guaranteed to continue beyond this point. BCBS has also limited patient enrollment to several thousand individuals in the Chicagoland area.

The ICP plan also includes restricted enrollment for patients as it currently is only available to Cook County resi- dents. If you are not enrolled in these plans, but wish to be, please contact our office for details.

Brandon McCurdy